About Us

So, what do you do when you see your dream lounge outfit, a onesie, for sale on overseas websites at a ridiculous price? You make your own!

Having coveted the comfortableness that is associated with the now hugely popular onesie design, I trawled the internet for a seller that shipped to Australia. I managed to find a few, but was not willing to part with a kidney (or my first born son) to cover the price and the shipping.

Not willing to let myself, or my fellow Australians down, I found a supplier, got my designs and the website nailed down, and the first zippd jumpsuit was born.

So here I sit, wrapped in my zippd one piece jumpsuit, loving life and giving you all the opportunity to do the same.

We are Australian owned and operated, and our stylish designs and high quality product will not let you down. Have some suggestions or feedback?
Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!